Our new collection fuses the best of clean, Shaker influcences  and the architectural design elements of both Mission styling and the Arts and Crafts movement to create quality-crafted silhouettes that meet you day-to-day needs and are beautiful to behold.

  Ball Tin

  Gold bar




  bear tin
IRREGUALR TIN You can also connect with consumers by using irregular shapes. A product easily stands out on the crowded shelf landscape when placed in a metal tin box that is shaped differently than its competitors - here are just a few examples of the many different shapes we can produce and customize to meet individual needs.

Heart Tin
S 90*90*45mm / M120*110X48mm / L160*

The versatility of shaping provides brands with unique opportunities to use irregular dimensions to differentiate goods or to explore creative packaging techniques to showcase flagship products. Toy packaging, cosmetics and any luxury packaging can use a refreshed look and feel to maintain their leadership on retail shelves.

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