Our plastic jars are categorized by style, color and plastic type. Single-wall and double-wall plastic jars are perfect for cosmetics, other personal care applications and salads,olives, fruit,sancks.Try using these reclable plastic food containers as a cost effective packaging solution for your takeout or carryout business.





Plastic Jars

Plastic jars come in many different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and even plastic types (PET, PVC, PC & OTHERS). Some of our jars are made from two pieces of different types of plastic (e.g. double wall jars). 

Not all plastics are the same, so you'll want to make sure that your product is packaged in the right type of plastic. Be sure to check out our CPSU course Plasticology to learn more about the different types of plastic.

Plastic jars have wide mouths. This is a great feature for products of a high viscosity that require dipping, smearing, dolloping (is that even a word?), or applying with your hands. Lotions and creams are packaged in jars with great success! So much in fact, that almost all high end lotions and creams come in a jar.
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